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Lisa Foley

Counselling & Mentoring for Creatives

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Counselling & Mentoring
for Creatives

Lisa Foley

Flow for the creative soul

Lisa Foley is a qualified counsellor as well as a professional artist. She understands the unique challenges of a creative life, from creative blocks to business, and combines her skills to offer counselling and mentoring for creatives. If you would like to dive deeper into your creative self, no matter which field you are in, Lisa can offer heart-felt support for you, your work and your creative life.



Inspired by Nature

Art from the Wellspring

Nature’s bounty offers eternal inspiration; deepest oceans, ancient mountains, infinite stars, luminous sunsets, miraculous wildlife, divine plant-life… Rivers of plenty where ideas flow.

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Artistic Works

Hand-Painted Pieces

Pencilled, brushed, sponged, drizzled, smeared and scraped

Butterfly Symbol

Symbols & Totems

Totemic and symbolistic pieces to display, wear or gift.

Resin-ating Creations

Eclectic, sculptural pieces in resin and mixed materials

Poppy Majesty

Shimmering poppy magic that you’ll never forget

Celestial Stories

Starry starry art

Earthly Delights

Works inspired by rocks, gems and geological formations

Artisan Jewellery

One-of-a-kindness incorporating resin, polyclay, wood, metal, fabric and more

Mythical & Mystical

Art pieces inspired by the mythological and mystical, including the imagined hidden treasure of antiquity, from this world and far beyond.



Original works and more.

The heart of creativity.

Lisa Foley


Meet Lisa and discover the inspiration for her artwork and the reason she is inspired to assist others with their creative development.

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Unblocking Your Creative Flow

Found in the Wild

Have you ever felt creatively blocked, or lost in an unmotivated creative zone? Perhaps you’ve woken up in a desert of dried-up inspiration that threatens your path forward? Creative demotivation or blockage can appear at any point in the creative process. It can cause frustration and self-doubt or, at its worst, can be all-consuming and cause the abandonment of an entire project or career direction. 

Creative blocks hit all types of endeavours—writing, performing, painting, designing or any project that requires creative thought and output. Blockages can appear regardless of the skill level of the creator and, most significantly, are highly personal to you and your life. They need a personalised response.

So what can be done in those moments when ideas dry up and darkness descends? Plenty! Firstly, realise that you don’t need to struggle alone, then engage solid, compassionate support to help you through.


Latest News

Launch of My New Online Course!

Launch of My New Online Course!

Hello! I'm super exited to announce the launch of my new online course "Creating From Stardust Not Self - Revealing the True Essence of Your Creativity". If you are a creative soul who would like to feel creatively authentic, tap into your unlimited potential and flow...

Stolen Treasure

Stolen Treasure

I recently made a 'giveaway' art piece for my subscribers to celebrate the launch of my new product - ornamental tabules (button-like sculptural pieces) that can be used for decoration, to hold-and-carry or for other symbolic purposes. The giveaway tabule featured a...


North-east Melbourne, Australia

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